Corfu Island

Ulysses stopped in Corfu during his trip. Shakespeare was fascinated by the beautiful green olive groves which he described in his final book“The Tempest”. Durrell, inspired by the enchanting landscapes filled with crystal clear waters, has devoted one of his books to Corfu. Greek poets and writers Palamas, Solomos, Theotokis and many others wrote about this land encircled by the sea.

The island of Corfu

The island covers an area of approximately 592 square kilometres. The southern side of the island is characterized by low hills as opposed to the north side of the island, characterized by rugged mountains, dominated by Mount Pantokratoras.

Sunset Hotel’s strategic location in the centre of Corfu Island will make it easy for you to explore it in every direction. Plenty of wildflowers, cypresses, herbs and other species of flora and fauna will come together abundantly in Corfu.

The stone-built houses, the old village square with the cafes, the charming churches and, above all, the hospitable, sweet people will charm you and make you feel like your home.

We, the people of Hotel Sunset Corfu Town Hotel, are proud to be in the centre of Corfu island, at the centre of this blessed place.

Corfu has a unique natural environment, which with the shades of green and blue and the colourful touches of wildflowers looks like a painting that is constantly changing.

Spring had arrived and the island was sparkling with flowers. Lambs with flapping tails gambolled under the olives, crushing the yellow crocuses under their tiny hooves. The ponds and streams and ditches were tangled in chains of spotted toads’ spawn, the tortoises were heaving aside their winter bedclothes of leaves and earth, and the first butterflies, winter-faded and frayed, were flitting wanly among the flowers. “My Family and Other Animals”

Gerald Durrell

Beaches near Sunset Hotel Corfu

If you come to Corfu in the summer, you can enjoy the enchanting beaches of the Ionian Sea, such as the beach of Agios Gordios with its magnificent rock in the sea, the beaches of Paleokastritsa, Benitses, Rovinia Astrakeri, Arkoudila and Issos and you will discover yourself with the peacefulness and tranquillity of the nature!

If you are looking for busy and cosmopolitan beaches, visit Barbati Kontogyalos and Glyfada, which are within easy reach of our Sunset hotel near central Corfu. For surfing we recommend the beach of Halikounas and for water sports prefer Dasia beach, close to our hotel!

No matter what you are looking for, calm or fun, you will find it in Corfu. Take advantage of the central location of our Sunset Hotel Corfu and visit easily both the northern and southern parts of our island!

And yet – perchance in this sea-tranced isle,
Chewing the bitter fruit of memory,
Some God lies hidden in the asphodel.

Oscar Wilde

The Achilleion & The Throne of Kaiser (Pelekas, Corfu)

Approximately 9 km away from our Sunset Hotel Corfu, you will find Achilleion, the royal palace of the Emperor of Germany “Kaiser” with its unique artworks. Sit on the same bench where King Kaiser sat 130 years ago, staring at the Corfiot nature. Walk on his majesty’s own path to his deck by the sea, in the western part of the island.

Do not miss to visit the village of Pelekas just 11 km away from Sunset Hotel, on the west side of the island. From a natural promenade called “Kaiser’s throne” you can enjoy the magnificent view of the Mount Pantokratoras, the city of Corfu and part of the Ionian Sea.

The place is famous for its enchanting sunset, which many agree to be the most spectacular sunset in Corfu.

The island and the nature of Corfu

Travel north and pass through the villages of Lakones and Aggelokastro. See the unique beauty of lace beaches from above, and fall in love with our island!

Pass through the west side and get to the steep scenery of Peroulades and Logga! Cover yourselves with clay and rinse in the crystal clear sea. Feel like never before looking at the view from the unique village of Afionas!

Discover the unique Corfiot nature and visit local and small wineries and olive presses. Check out the unique variety of our olive “lianoelia” with its characteristic peppery flavour and enjoy a special glass of wine from our own variety “kakotrigi”!

Driving to the eastern northern part of Corfu, visit the traditional mountainous village of Perithia. There you will find yourself in a different Corfu. A Corfu, whose inhabitants did not deal with tourism and the sea, but with the mountains, the olives and the livestock.

Visit the beach of Gialiskari with the blooming wildflowers and follow the signs to the “Durrell house” until the green bay of Kalami appears. The Durells’ whitewashed house is literally on the water.

Taste the delicacies of Corfu

Hundreds of restaurants and taverns, with fresh fish and cuisine from Greek to international, and from small family taverns to award-winning gastronomy restaurants will enchant your palate with our unique global recipes, Bourdeto (fish), pastitsada (meat with pasta) and sofrito (pork meat with garlic sauce).

Discover the small Corfiot strawberries (unique in taste and smell), the “tsintsoles” (local fruit) and the “nouboulo” (the Corfiot prosciutto). Taste a goat’s cheese from Pantokratoras mountain with blueberry sauce and be enchanted by a piece of sikomaida (fig pie) with a kumquat liqueur.

Refresh yourself with a great Corfiot fresh homemade ice cream, that you will find in many shops throughout Corfu island and also taste the unique in Greece, gingerbeer.

Drink a Corfu beer and visit its wonderful facilities in the village of Arillas. There you will learn why Corfu Beer was the official beer of the London Olympic Games.

If you visit our island in October, you will be able to watch our own October fest! The feast of our beer!

Travel through the wonderful olive groves and while you will try to find the perfect place for a picnic, find yourself in the same places where James Bond’s film “For Your Eyes Only” was shot in 1981.

Water sports in Corfu next to Sunset Hotel

If you are interested in water sports, a short distance from our Sunset Hotel Corfu, in the wider area of Kommeno and Dassia, you will find facilities for water activities – including water skiing or jet ski.

The eastern coastline with the continental shelter, offers quiet waters for swimming, a rich seabed for exploration and easy access from the city.

Southern, at the beach of Halikouna, about 25 km away from Sunset Hotel, you will find yourself among windsurfers and kite surfers! Hire your equipment and indulge in the magic of the sea, wind and the sun. The endless golden beaches and shallow turquoise waters all over the west and southwest, are the paradise for everyone.

Sometimes crowdie and sometimes lonely, they are always provocative for games with the waves, the sun, the wind or the quiet reading of a book. If you like adventure in the sea bottom, at the beaches of Paleokastritsa and Kassiopi, you can take scuba diving lessons.