Corfu Town

When you’ll arrive in Corfu Town by boat, you will fall in love with its theatrical setting, and you’ll want to walk the whole city. And when you leave, her look will fill you with a sweet nostalgiathat, only the promise of the return, will erase it.

The city of Corfu a breath away from our hotel

Sunset Hotel is ideally located, in a close distance near Corfu Town. If you ask a native to tell you something about Corfu town, he will tell you about her inhabitants and their kindness, the smells of the foods and the Saint Spyridon. A new visitor, will tell you about the dreamy nights at the kantounia (small city roads), the sea games and the sunsets. An experienced traveller, will tell you about the history and uniqueness of the city. And they will tell you much more… And the only thing that you’ll want, will be to return again!

The old town of Corfu

Unique and special, full of history and sightseeing. The old town of Corfu is just 4 km from our Sunset Hotel Corfu.

Everything starts from Liston area. There you will find coffee shops and restaurants, housed in the magnificent arcades with the large arches. Liston is the most visited place for residents and visitors.

Next to Liston, whose model was the “Rue de Rivoli” in Paris, you will find Spianada (the largest square in the Balkans) with its unique cricket field. Each step that you will make will be accompanied by a wonderful and unforgettable photo!

Walk through the tiny roads, talk with the locals and get lost in the kampielo (the old town of Corfu) with the pastel colors of the half-dwelling houses that are met in various parts of the city.

A beautiful scenery will be unfolding all the time in front of you, from the neighbourhoods of
Mouragia to Garitsa, and also in the narrow alleyways of the 18th century. These alleyways are compared only to those of Venice and Naples.

Walk in the streets, where the English TV series “The Durrels” is shot and get photographed in the same places. Take advantage of the short distance of our Sunset Hotel Corfu from Corfu Town and return to enjoy a sweet siesta or “mpouzouloto” as the locals call it (small lunchtime sleep).

Elegant Corfu Town (also known as Kerkyra) leaves you spellbound from the moment you wander its cobbled streets aglow with evil eyes and redolent with sandalwood, past old ladies bedecked in widow-black robes measuring their afternoons with worry beads, washing strung from balconies.

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Saint Spyridon the Saint of Corfu

While in Corfu you will meet dozens of people named Spyros (male) or Spyridoula (female). Well hidden in the narrow streets of the city, but also with the tallest building of the old town, its bell tower, you’ll find the church of Saint Spyridon.

Enjoy the journey from Sunset Hotel to the city of Corfu passing through the new and old harbours, the metropolitan temple with its marvellous marble stairs and endup in Saint Spyridon church.

Saint Spyridon is the patron saint of Corfu and the church is filled daily by pilgrims. The atmosphere in the church is impressive and dramatic in accordance with Orthodox religion.

Do not forget to worship the relic of Saint Spyridon, which is located in a special shrine located inside the crypt, which was specially created to receive its relic and opens twice a day for pilgrims.

We wandered through the narrow, cobbled streets of the old town and visited two forts that jut up above the rooftops. A morning market, specializing in farm produce and fresh fish, occupies the dry moat of the ”new” fort. Fishermen offered their catch; elderly women in black clothing bargained for red mullet and octopus; young mothers with babies poked at oranges that had just been picked; old men, as twisted as olive trees, gathered in clumps to talk.

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Philharmonics of Corfu

In order to celebrate and honour their Saint, the Corfiots, many times during the year they make processions in remembrance of his many miracles. So if you are in Corfu on the Sunday before the Greek orthodox Easter, on the Holy Saturday, on the first Sunday of November or on 11th of August you will have the chance to see the imposing Philharmonics of the island.

18 Philharmonic Orchestras are settled in the island of Corfu and four of them are located in the city of Corfu. Their names are Palaia, Mantzaros, Kapodistrias and Kontokaliou.

The Corfiots participating in the Philharmonic are not all professional musicians, but they have the music in their blood. They become the teachers of their children who enter the bands, and many of them excel as soloists, masters and teachers in the world music scene.

There you will see children from the age of 6 years old as well as older children close to 80! If you are on our musical island on Easter, remember to visit the Palaia’s Philarmonic building, in the centre of the city, where you will hear a rehearse of the favourite mourning march Adagio, the “mark” of Good Friday’s epitaphs.

Museums in Corfu Town

Do not rush to see them all together in one day! Explore them slowly by taking advantage of the advantageous location of our hotel near the city of Corfu. Navigate rested in all of our museums. See the unique Pan-European Museum of Asian Art which numbers more than 10,000 objects, the Archaeological Museum, the Museum of Banknotes behind Saint Spyridon, the Byzantine Museum, the Greek National poet Solomo’s Museum, the Museum of Fighters for the Independence of the Ionian Islands and our new unique “alive”Museum, Casa Parlante.

Your night in the city of Corfu

The nightlife of Corfu Town is for everyone! Whether you want to enjoy a kumquat liqueur near Pontikonisi island, a glass of wine from our own variety of “kakotrigi”, at the old or new fortress of the city, or even a traditional “tsipouro” (traditional alcohol drink made from grapes) in the taverns of the city, Corfu Town is waiting for you.

Try our delicious Corfu beer or gingerbeer and enjoy a delicious Corfiot ice cream. Taste our own vanilla and chocolate cream and our traditional nouboulo (the Corfiot prosciutto)!

As soon as you return to the Sunset Hotel, enjoy a last refreshing cocktail next to our beautiful swimming pool.

And if walking through the tiny roads you hear words such as “fresko”, “pinia”, “niorantes”, “fanestra”, “mastelo”, or “skaltsounia” … do not be fooled … ask … the only sure thing is that the locals will explain every word with great joy!